Automated System Infrastructure analysis for
Enterprise Architecture Modeling

(TOGAF, Archimate)

Continuous-EA is a new solution that enables companies to know exactly their technical and application architecture, by analyzing the running IS, and IS configuration databases (cmdb).


  • X-rays your IS,
  • automatically transfers the IS information to the Modelio BA Enterprise Architecture analysis tool,
  • builds accurate Technical Architecture and Application Architecture models (TOGAF and Archimate),
  • generates Architecture design documents.

Continuous-EA delivers a fast and accurate input for an Agile Enterprise Architecture.

The efficiency of these solutions has already been successfully used by several customers.

Why should you use Continuous EA?

  • Know where we are before deciding where we go
  • Know your IS : what is really running, where and when?
  • Audit the IS by monitoring its uses and behavior
  • Get the appropriate needs for licenses and system resources
  • Think about the security of the IS
  • Define a disaster recovery plan
  • Ground your Enterprise Architecture on an accurate knowledge of your IS